We are not open to the public, however, The Candy Factory, here in Lexington, sells a lot of our candies.

The Candy Factory

15 N. Main Street Lexington, NC 27292

Our candy is sold in most grocery stores, pharmacies, and dollar retailers, as well as online. You can also find us in regional Walmart stores.

When our candy is fed through the wrapping machine, any gap between pieces will cause the machine to cut a wrapper that doesn’t actually have any candy in it. Sometimes our vacuum system doesn’t catch every single one of the empty wrappers and they end up in the bag or tub with your candy. This doesn’t mean that you are missing any candy. We package our candy by weight and since the wrappers don’t weigh anything, you still get every ounce of candy that was printed on the package.

The beautiful thing about Red Bird candies, is that they are handcrafted much like they were in 1890. We make 100 lbs at a time and do most of the process by hand, so every single piece has a unique size and shape. We package our candy by weight, not per piece, so your bag or tub will have the correct ounces of candy no matter what size the pieces are. If the pieces are small, you’ll just get more of them!

Piedmont Candy is proud to make candy that is top 8 allergen free. We do not make any other products here, so there is no chance of any cross contamination with any milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, or soya. The only ingredients we use are pure cane sugar, invert sugar (the liquid form of cane sugar), flavor oils (most of which are all natural), and food coloring in some instances. Our candy is also Made in America, Gluten Free Certified (GFCO), Kosher Certified, and Non-GMO Verified. Because we offer so many different flavors, we can only guarantee that our products do not contain ANY of the top 8 allergens. Some flavors could contain trace amounts of sunflower or palm oil.

Piedmont Candy is not set up in a way that would allow us to give plant tours while insuring the safety of our visitors, however, you can find information about how our candy is made on our website and Facebook page. You can also find a brief video here: